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Our Values & Mission

Outstanding service. Inclusivity. Mutual respect. Creating value in everything we do. When it comes to a vision of a career at Grand Hotel, these are some of our values we really believe in. We hope you believe in them, too, and will come join our family on Mackinac Island.

Grand Hotel’s Transformational Summertime Experiences


Grand Hotel has a great legacy of providing outstanding service to our guests. Each Team Member will commit to and strive daily to provide Uncompromising Service and create Transformational Summertime Experiences for each guest. Through this commitment, each Team Member will hold themselves and each other accountable daily to achieve great results.



Team Members are committed to thank, recognize, and reward a fellow Team Member’s positive service to a Stakeholder (Fellow Team Member, Guest, Owner, or Community). Our team will celebrate each other’s outstanding service. We will continue to find ways to influence positive performance and the willingness to stop and recognize our great Team Members.

Anticipate and React to Our Guests’ Requests


Team Members are committed to providing uncompromising service to our guests. Even on the best day, we will make some mistakes or come up short in the eyes of our guests. Our Team Members will use their common sense to empower themselves to make decisions to resolve issues and recover our guests. A great recovery can create a positive memorable experience and a Guest for Life.

We Are All in This Together, Working Together, and We Will Be a Success Together

Mutual Respect

Team Members will come together as one every day in all we do. We embrace the diversity of our team and know that diversity is one of our greatest strengths. Each Team Member is committed to lead with heart and bring their authentic whole selves to work each day. Our Team Members will approach every interaction with respect — we will welcome our differences, commit to learning from each other, celebrate our cultures, have fun, and share a smile.

We All Rely on the Experts for Continuous Improvement

Commitment to Greatness

Team Members who do their job day in and day out are the experts. These experts are the people we should go to for advice on how best to improve our service, our efficiencies, and our growth. We are committed to continuous improvement by embracing an entrepreneurial spirit and recognizing greatness requires risk. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion, because it matters more than you know.

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We Stand on the Shoulders of Those Before Us

History & Traditions

Team Members will embrace the great history and traditions of Grand Hotel. For well over a century, our hotel has greeted people from all over the world with the same outstanding service we provide today. Whether it is a guest’s first stay, or they have been coming for years, it is the history of Mackinac Island and Grand Hotel that enhances the experience and lasting memories. Make the time to know Grand Hotel history and take the time to make your own history.

Stay Hungry, Stay Humble

Greatness Requires Risk

Have Each Other’s Backs

Always Do What’s Right

Create Value in All You Do

Be Inclusive, Together We Are Stronger

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