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Grand Hotel Accessibility

ADA Accessibility

At Grand Hotel we care about all our guests. It is important to us that everyone who visits the Grand Hotel website or hotel feels welcome and finds the experience seamless and rewarding.

Grand Hotel strives to provide accessibility services and accommodations to help all of our guests who may have additional needs or requirements. Our commitment to accessibility is a hallmark of our hospitality and ensures that all individuals can experience our extraordinary accommodations.

What steps are we taking?

At Grand Hotel, we strive to make a positive experience for all our visitors. We designed this website using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA. These guidelines explain how to make web content more accessible for people with disabilities, and user-friendly for everyone.

How has your experience been?

We monitor the website regularly to maintain this standard, but if you have difficulty using this website, please don’t hesitate to reach us via email at [email protected] or call us at 906-847-3331.

Accessible public spaces of the hotel:

Grand Hotel offers a variety of accessible routes, features, elements, and amenities throughout its public spaces and within its hotel rooms. Highlights of the accessible features in our public spaces are:

Exterior Routes

  • There is an accessible entrance door to the building
  • There are no steps, no abrupt level changes, no un-ramped curbs to the entrance/exit or public sidewalks.

Hotel Entrance

  • There is an accessible entrance at the east end of the building in front of Sadie’s Ice Cream Parlor. You may also enter at the front desk entrance where there is an unrestricted entry way.
  • Registration counter serving guests has a lowered portion

Interior Routes

  • There are no steps, no abrupt level changes, no unsecured carpet or un-ramped curbs to the following areas: This applies to most guestrooms, public restrooms, lobby, meeting space, entrance/exit, public sidewalks, business center.


  • The Center Elevator (C) located in the center of the building accesses all floors. Located from the Front Desk, go to your right, between the stairway and Mackinac Market.
  • The East Elevator (E) accesses the Lower Lobby and Guest Room floors 1 through 4. It does not service the Parlor. From the Front Desk, it is located behind you at the end of the black and white checkered floor.
  • The West Elevator (W) accesses the Parlor level and Guest Room floors 1 through 4. It does not service the Lower Lobby. Located in the Parlor on the west end next to the Trophy Room.

Public Restrooms

  • Accessible restrooms are located on the lower level lobby, Theatre foyer, and Main Dining Room.
  • Public restrooms are accessible, with at least one large accessible stall/toilet, one accessible lavatory, and one accessible urinal (with exceptions)
  • Accessible toilets have a horizontal grab bar on the adjacent side wall
  • At least one wash basin in each public restroom has drains and hot water pipes that are insulated or protected (with exceptions).

Accessible Guest Room Features:

Grand Hotel is designed with rooms to accommodate guests with disabilities. The hotel offers 9 accessible guest rooms that are mobility, visual and hearing accessible with either 1 king bed or 2 double beds. Rooms offer either accessible bathrooms with tubs or roll-in showers. The breakdown of these accommodations is as follows:

  • 3 King guestrooms with tub.
  • 2 King guestrooms with roll-in shower
  • 1 Double/Double guestroom with tub
  • 4 Double/Double guestrooms with roll-in shower
  • Visual notification device for door knocks and phone calls
  • Visual smoke and fire alarm device
  • Braille guest room door number signage
  • TTYs are available for use by persons who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • TTY is available at the front desk so personnel can communicate with persons who are deaf or have speech impairments
  • Televisions in guestrooms offer closed-captioning
  • All entry doors and other interior doors (except doors on shallow closets) allow wide passage
  • Door hardware on all entry doors and other passage doors within the room are usable with one hand
  • Rooms allow wide route on each side of the bed
  • Clear passage at the foot of each bed
  • Drapery wands and controls on fixed lamps and HVAC thermostats are easily operable with one hand
  • All drapery control wands, fixed lamps and HVAC controls are placed for forward approach
  • Rod and shelf in the clothes closet are placed for forward approach
  • Accessible desk
  • Electrical outlet within four feet of telephone

Accessible Guest Room Bathroom Features:

  • Bathroom doors allow clear passage (roll-in only)
  • Bathroom door hardware easily operable with one hand
  • Accessible toilet in bathroom
  • Toilet in bathroom has a grab bar
  • Toilet seat height is accessible
  • Wash basin is low with accessible clearance under the front edge
  • Faucet is easily operable and usable with one hand
  • Clear floor space where persons who use wheelchairs can turn around
  • Towel racks are low to accommodate accessibility
  • Tub Features:
    • Faucet controls and shower diverter can be turned on and off easily and are operable with one hand
    • A transfer tub seat is available
    • An adjustable-height hand-held shower wand with long hose
    • Two horizontal grab bars (one high/one low) along the side of the tub for stabilization
  • Roll-in-Shower Features:
    • A folding seat that is accessible
    • Faucet controls and shower wand positioned on the wall
    • A horizontal grab bar on the wall
    • Roll-in shower is free of curbs or lips at the shower floor
    • Roll-in showers have faucet controls that are easily operable with one hand
    • Adjustable height shower wand with a long hose

Other Features:

  • Grand Hotel allows persons with disabilities to use service animals, without imposing any extra charges or conditions, in guestroom/suites and all public areas of the facility.
  • Hotel staff are available to move furniture and provide and adjust accessible features in guestrooms.
  • Hotel staff are available to offer assistance, upon request, to persons with disabilities who cannot transport their luggage to/from their guestrooms and who may need assistance in locating guestrooms and hotel amenities/guestrooms when features require installation or adjustment to ensure accessibility.
  • Hotel staff are available to read printed/visual information upon request.


This Accessibility Statement applies to: grandhotel.com

We Value Digital Inclusion

In our effort to provide a fully accessible and optimized user experience for all site visitors, Grand Hotel has taken careful measure to ensure an excellent user experience, regardless of the assistive technology being used to access this site or the specific abilities of those individuals seeking access to this site.

The Grand Hotel website is monitored and tested regularly as part of a fully managed accessibility compliance solution provided by AudioEye, a third-party provider of Web Accessibility testing, remediation, and monitoring services dedicated to eradicating digital access barriers (join the movement). As issues of accessibility are identified, results of automated and manual testing are managed through AudioEye’s proprietary audit ecosystem. As new solutions are discovered to improve the user experience, remediation is tracked through the AudioEye system and fixes are implemented to improve the website user experience.

AudioEye Trusted Certification

The AudioEye Trusted Certification represents a commitment to accessibility and digital inclusion.

The AudioEye web accessibility certification process involves automatic and manual testing with the goal of identifying and resolving access barriers, conforming with the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA Success Criteria, and ensuring an optimal user experience for all users, regardless of their individual abilities.

AudioEye Activation is complete.

Testing & Discovery is ongoing with continuous monitoring.

Remediation & Validation is ongoing.

24/7 Website accessibility help desk is active. Report an issue.

Accessible site menu is activated.

Page elements menu is activated.

Visual Toolkit is activated.

Player is activated.

AudioEye Trusted remains active.

AudioEye certifies that the Grand Hotel website is being optimized to substantially conform with AudioEye’s interpretation of the informative guidance provided by WCAG 2.1 AA. In this ongoing effort, certified accessibility professionals have already made progress to remove access barriers and will continue to enhance this site for optimal accessibility and usability for all users.

Last updated July 2, 2020

This perpetual and uninterrupted process will include regular releases that improve access and usability for all users, including users of Assistive Technology. AudioEye and Name continue to collaborate in pursuit of conforming with WCAG principles, guidelines, and success criteria.

Notice something wrong? Please provide your feedback

This website is regularly tested using a variety of assistive technologies. We recommend using the following web browser/screen reader combinations for an optimized experience:

For Windows users: JAWS and Internet Explorer or NVDA and Firefox
For Mac users: VoiceOver and Safari or VoiceOver and Chrome
For mobile users: VoiceOver for the iPhone and TalkBack for Android devices

Improving the User Experience for Users of Assistive Technologies

Web Accessibility Guidelines

Grand Hotel has leveraged the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 as reference to ensure the web content made available from this site is more accessible for individuals with disabilities and user-friendly for everyone.

These globally recognized best practices (as recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium) consist of three levels of accessibility measurement (A, AA, and AAA). To the greatest extent feasible, Grand Hotel has elected to conform to Level AA of these guidelines.

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Dedicated web accessibility experts are available to assist site visitors with any issues accessing content and the various services and functions made available across the Grand Hotel website. Site visitors may choose to engage with the Help Desk to report and troubleshoot web accessibility-related issues.

If you encounter issues with any page on our site that presents a challenge for individuals with disabilities, please submit your feedback.

Providing Users with a Free Customizable Assistive Utility

AudioEye Accessibility Toolbar

In addition to the above-mentioned techniques and strategies — and since not all site visitors have access to assistive tools such as screen readers — we provide free Web Personalization Tools that allow site visitors to customize their user experience. Activate the AudioEye Toolbar to access each tool listed below.

Experience the AudioEye Toolbar

To experience the AudioEye Toolbar, activate the AudioEye Toolbar button in the bottom right-hand corner.

The AudioEye Toolbar Provides Tools Tailored to Needs

Learn more about the ways in which the AudioEye Toolbar allows site visitors with diverse abilities to customize their user experience:

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The following tools may be available in the AudioEye Toolbar:

Listen to the content of a web page read aloud

Visual Toolkit
Customize the visual display of the website

Site Menu
Navigate simplified menus using your keyboard or mouse

Page Elements Menu
Access page elements and regions with simple keystrokes

AudioEye Help Desk
Report accessibility-related issues

Third-Party Sites

Throughout this website, we make use of different third-party websites such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to spread news and information about Grand Hotel products and services. These sites, which are not controlled by Grand Hotel, may present challenges for individuals with disabilities that we are not able to control or remedy.

As made publicly available, here are the Accessibility Policies provided from these third-party sites:

Facebook Accessibility Policy
YouTube Accessibility Policy
Instagram Accessibility Announcement
Instagram Accessibility
Twitter Accessibility
LinkedIn Accessibility