Distinguished Guests

America’s Summer Place is a remarkable place and over its 130 years, has graciously hosted millions of people. Many notable individuals have visited Grand Hotel throughout the years, including politicians, actors, entertainers, sports figures, musicians, writers and more. Click here to read more about Grand Hotel’s most distinguished guests.

Media Personalities & Entertainers

Mitch Albom
Betsy Brandt
Rosemary Clooney
Jeff Daniels
Robert De Niro
Reverend Jesse Jackson
James Earl Jones
Christopher Reeve
Mike Rowe
Jane Seymour
Paul W. Smith
Dita Von Teese
Barbara Walters
Esther Williams

Politicians & Government Officials

Mayor Dennis Archer
Vice President Joe Biden
President George H. W. Bush
Richard Cheney
President Bill Clinton
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Congressman John Dingell
President Gerald R. Ford
Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Senator Al Gore
Governor Jennifer Granholm
President John F. Kennedy
Justice Sandra Day O’Connor
General Colin Powell
Governor Rick Snyder
Congresswoman Debbie Stabenow
President Harry S. Truman

Sports Figures

John Beilein
Lloyd Carr
Ernie Harwell
Tom Izzo
Al Kaline
Arnold Palmer
Bo Schembechler
Dick Vitale

Other Notable Guests

John Jacob Astor III
Bill Ford
William Clay Ford, Jr.
Lady Byrd Johnson
Mark Twain