Convention Rates

All 2014 rates are based on the Modified American Plan
(Includes a full breakfast and five-course dinner daily)

Category I • smaller, interior-view guest rooms

  • DOUBLE (per person) - $215.00
  • SINGLE - $355.00

Category II • larger, interior-view guest rooms or smaller, lake-view rooms

  • DOUBLE (per person) - $265.00
  • SINGLE - $455.00

Category III • deluxe lake-view guest rooms, some with balcony

  • DOUBLE (per person) - $335.00
  • SINGLE - $595.00

Suites with Parlors and Named Rooms

Please call (906) 847-3331 for pricing.

Flat, Run-of-the-House Rate

  • DOUBLE (per person) - $265.00
  • SINGLE - $455.00

The simplified, flat rate uses guest rooms throughout the hotel from all categories, and is based upon the Modified American Plan where a full breakfast and five-course dinner are provided daily.

Children's Rates

Children's rates apply after one guest, paying the single rate occupies a guest room.

  • Up to 11 years: Complimentary, but $8.00 baggage handling fee applies.
  • 12-17:  $59.00 per night
  • 18 years and older:  $139.00 per night.

Meal Functions as Part of a Convention

When served in lieu of breakfast or dinner, there is no additional charge for special convention meal functions. However, for some special entrees, a surcharge may be assessed. Many lunch options are available at Grand Hotel, including the Grand Luncheon Buffet, served daily in the Main Dining Room. Breakfast only and European rates (no meals included) are also available. These special group rates are available on request at (517) 349-4600 or email

Food and Beverage Service

Grand Hotel cocktail reception prices are available on request at (517) 349-4600 or email

Grand Hotel Convention Rates Also Include:

  • Meeting or function space: No additional charge
  • Wireless Internet: No additional charge
  • Morning coffee breaks (coffee, decaf, tea): No additional charge
  • Afternoon coffee breaks (iced tea, lemonade): No additional charge
  • AV equipment: No additional charge
  • Special-edition Grand Hotel reservation forms for your group: No additional charge
  • Music for a private dinner banquet: No additional charge
  • Tennis court time: No additional charge

Getting to Grand Hotel

Horse-drawn carriage taxi transportation from the Mackinac Island ferryboat docks to Grand Hotel (and return) are not included. The taxi fare is currently $4.75 per person, one way. This rate cannot be guaranteed. Grand Hotel dock porters are at Mackinac Island ferryboat docks to meet all ferries as they arrive on Mackinac Island, and assist in transporting luggage to Grand Hotel. Horse-drawn carriage taxi transportation can be arranged at that time.

Tipping is neither expected nor permitted within Grand Hotel. However, it is suggested at the following offsite restaurant locations; The Jockey Club at the Grand Stand, Woods, The Gate House, Cawthorne's Village Inn, and Fort Mackinac Tea Room.

The above rates are subject to 19.5% added charge, 6% Michigan sales tax, 2% Mackinac Island assessment, and an $8.00 per person baggage handling charge for the transfer and handling of baggage from Mackinac Island ferryboat docks to Grand Hotel and the return trip.