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Titanic at the Grand

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Package details and rates for 2018 will be available in November.

The 2017 description is below. 2018 will be available this fall. Stay tuned!

First Scientific Analysis of the Titanic Wreck Site Changes History: Facts to Fiction Revealed for the First Time by Parks Stephenson.

For any of our past guests who thought the Titanic at the Grand was sinkable, it is not. Every year has a new turn and this one you will not want to miss. We have a very special opportunity to be part of the new history of the Titanic that has never been heard before from Parks Stephenson. Mr. Stephenson will discuss for the first time ever, in a public forum the results of  his analysis that completely changes the history of the disaster and shows that some “facts” that people have accepted as truth for so long are actually myth. Mr. Stephenson visited the ship on the ocean’s floor as the technical director on James Cameron’s movie Titanic. He is a Forensic Analyst and Titanic Historian.  He has a passion for debunking popular myths by uncovering hard evidence and presenting it in the proper historic context. Mr. Stephenson has been to the Titanic wreck site 3 times (personally diving on the wreck in 2005), the Britannic wreck 2 times, and was the lead investigator for a U.S.-Japanese team that found and identified a Japanese midget submarine from the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack that had eluded dedicated searchers, including famed explorer Bob Ballard, for 68 years. Wherever there is a historic mystery, Parks is determined to solve it.

Relive and learn new details about the colossal ocean liner that tragically sunk over 100 years ago as Grand Hotel will once again turn back the clock for a weekend to celebrate the voyage and will learn new facts that have never been heard before.


FRIDAY NIGHT join the crew and your fellow passengers on deck as we wave goodbye and embark on the Titanic’s maiden voyage out to sea with a Bon Voyage party. Bon Voyage PartySail away and enjoy a five-course dinner in the Main Dining room and a special dancing presentation by professional dancer and dance instructor, Glenn Clark and partner Blair Miller in the Terrace Room. Learn the hottest dance steps from 1912 including Camel Walk, Argentine Tango, Black Bottom, Open Tango, Castle Walk, and Foxtrot.

SATURDAY MORNING you will hear from Parks Stephenson who worked with James Cameron, the Director of the movie”Titanic” on the scientific analysis to combat the myths everyone has grown to believe. Parks’ presentation will be a revelation of new information and he will encourage guests to ask questions and challenge his conclusions. All of this will happen after the viewing of the documentary, “Titanic at 100: Mystery Solved”, produced by the History Channel.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON David Kaplan, Titanic Historian will provide a majestic insight to the sinking of the ship. Guest photos will be available in the Art Gallery following this presentation.

SATURDAY NIGHT dress in period theme for the evening reception and enjoy the interactive dinner theatre event titled “Last Night on the Titanic.”  The dinner will include menu items from the 11-course meal served to passengers. Guests will take on the role of an actual passenger and will find out if they survive at Saturday evening’s dinner.

See pictures of Titanic at the Grand Weekend.


Subject to Michigan 6% sales tax, 2% Mackinac Island assessment and a $8.50 per person baggage handling charge. *Dates subject to availability. Additional adult and children’s rates apply.