Sushi Grand wins Honor Award for Interior Architecture

AIA Award - Sushi Grand

Most recently the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Huron Valley Chapter designated Sushi Grand with a 2017 Honor Award of Interior Architecture. This award was given to HopkinBurns Design Studio, Grand Hotel’s long time architecture firm who specializes in preserving historic structures and designed Sushi Grand.

The goal was to create a special, unique environment while maximizing seating and prep efficiency in a limited space. Walls were moved and the kitchen space is shared with the hotel’s adjoining restaurant, The Gate House. Doing these things created an open, yet intimate space which invites chef and diner to share a traditional sushi preparation and dining experience. The Honor Award is given to projects that demonstrate exceptional merit in design, showing skill and sensitivity in the resolution of formal, functional, and technical requirements which was accomplished in the architectural design by HopkinsBurns resulting in the Honor Award recognition. Those voting described the interior architecture as “Daring – bright and full of color.” “Bold, colors reflect cultural roots” “Small space has become fully activated.”

Sushi Grand

Sushi Grand opened in May of 2016 as Mackinac Island’s first and only sushi restaurant.  The decor was created by Grand Hotel’s longtime interior designer Carleton Varney of Dorothy Draper and Co. in New York who is the interior designer for the entire hotel. The decor features a hand painted ceiling mural with a stylized map of Mackinac Island and Asia with ink brush strokes against a gold foil background. Fiber-optic lighting is strategically placed within the mural to highlight major cities on the ceiling. Japanese conical straw hat light fixtures hang over the sushi bar and highlight the overall décor of gold and red accents with black and gold granite countertops. The walls are a hand painted bamboo trelliswork with an elaborately carved antique gilded back bar ornament. The floor features rounded dark pebbles that have been finished to resemble a wading pool. Different diameter bamboo stalks in the interior window openings provide privacy and shading.  The attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship of Sushi Grand creates a unique and memorable dining experience for Grand Hotel guests and Mackinac Island visitors.

Sushi Grand


Sushi Grand

This weekend Sushi Grand closed after its first successful first year and will open again next spring for Grand Hotel’s 130th Anniversary season.

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