Presenting the 2019 Cupola Suites by Carleton Varney

 Grand Hotel’s 133rd season is right around the corner
and the Cupola Suites are receiving their final touches. 

We’re excited to unveil the design renderings of the 2019 Cupola Suites by Grand Hotel Interior Designer, Carleton Varney and Dorothy Draper & Co. 

The suites come to life in a marriage of color with every stroke of the brush.




Grand Hotel President, Dan Musser, III was at Grand Hotel this week checking on the progress of the 2019 Cupola Suites project. Things change fast and over the past few weeks there has been a lot of progression. The exterior hallways which were still drywall a few weeks ago are now painted and ready for wallpaper and trim work. With the upcoming season just weeks away, the crews are focused, and excited to complete the project so we are ready for our first guests. 

Grand Hotel President, Dan Musser, III looks over the progress with approval with Construction Manager, Andy McGreevy.
Looking east from a 4th floor balcony to see the finished dormers lining the roof.
The 4th floor hallway under construction
Ceilings are painted and trim work is installed.

The ceilings of the suites are painted with our signature Grand Hotel blue hue of, “Dew Kiss” for those of you wondering where to find this paint, it is manufactured by Pittsburgh Paint.

Steps and banisters are installed in each of the suite parlors.
The bathrooms are coming together with custom tiling and black and white checkered flooring.

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11 thoughts on “Presenting the 2019 Cupola Suites by Carleton Varney

  1. We wish that you would do a few of the Suites with a 5′ or 6′ Soaker Tub in them instead of a big shower, now that would be so relaxing.

    We have been staying in your Suites for 19 years now and are Grand Club Members since you first offered them.

    Once again we will be in one of the King Cupola Suites in June and so much need to get Home 🙂

    • Thanks for the suggestion Jeff! Will your “bellman” grandson be taking your luggage up for you on your next visit? (:

  2. This is amazing!!! All of the colors and designs are incredibly awe inspiring. These rooms are such a beautiful addition to an already beautiful, historical landmark. I often wonder if Grand Hotel can get and “grander”.. now I know! It’s spectacularly Grand!!! Congratulations to Carleton Varney and to Mr. Dan Musser on a beautiful job!!!

    • As always, Thank you Jacquie! We hold your opinion so dear and can’t wait to show you the suites when you arrive for the season!

  3. Absolutely splendiforous!!! Sometimes words found in the dictionary will not suffice! Another triumph by the Grand Hotel family!!

  4. The Musser family was quite right in deciding to use Carleton Varney as their decorator.
    When it is decorating a “Grand Manor” one needs to, “To expand the imagination. Be drawn into the joy of color, the mystery of fantasy, the lure of glamour, the art of living is a magical world created by the one and only Carleton Varney.” My last experience with Grand Hotel was in 2016, I look forward to visiting the hotel again in October 2019. So excited!

  5. These suites are an amazing addition to the other Suites. The colors and beautiful views will surely be a “Grand” experience for anyone. See you all soon.

    • Thank you Norma! We are so excited to see you and the family this season!

  6. Hey there, this suites look very amazing and glamorous. The colors of the design are very splendid and the interior are decorative and well furnished. Its a roller coaster of grand experience for visitors.

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