Grand Illusion Quilt by Bonnie Hunter

Bonnie Hunter’s Grand Illusion Quilt is exactly what you need to GET INSPIRED!

Bonnie has the amazing opportunity of being able to do what she loves for her career, which is quilting! She calls herself a Quiltaholic! “Not a day goes by that I am not dreaming, plotting, planning, cutting, stitching ((and un-stitching!)) on SOMETHING Quilt-Related!”  Bonnie is known for her scrappy quilting technique.   She goes all over the world teaching different quilting classes; and loves meeting fellow quilters! You can check her calendar to see if she is teaching a class near you. We were fortunate enough to have Bonnie at our 2016 Needle Art Seminar this week at Grand Hotel. In 2014 is when she started working on a quilt called the Grand Illusion. (see below) She will also join us in 2019 which we are already excited about!

Grand Illusion Quilt
Grand Illusion Quilt by Bonnie Hunter displayed on Grand Hotel’s Theatre stage

Inspired by Grand Hotel’s vibrant wall colors and elegant décor Bonnie Hunter set out to make a quilt that reflected the hotel’s bright and lively essence. She incorporated yellow which can be found in the flowers and in the awnings of the hotel. Turquoise to resemble the ceiling of the porch and the interior ceilings. She also used bright green grassy patterns, Pink Geranium patterns, and some black and neutral colors. This beautiful quilt is known as the Grand Illusion. For all of you savvy quilters out there who were not able to join us this week you can buy the pattern on her website.

Check-out all of the BEAUTIFUL Grand Illusion quilts from many Grand quilters. What a true inspiration and the theme to this year’s event – GET INSPIRED!

Grand Quilters

Grand Illusion Quilt

You can view other quilter’s Grand Illusion quilts on our Pinterest page.

Happy Quilting!

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