Grand Hotel Arts Weekend Presents Sounds of Religion with Amy DeRogatis & Isaac Weiner

Today we welcome Michigan State University’s Amy DeRogatis, Professor of Religion and American culture in the Department of Religious Studies , and Ohio State University’s Isaac Weiner, Associate Professor of Religious Studies in the Department of Comparative Studies and Associate Director of the Center for the Study of Religion to the blog with their Global Arts & Culture Collaboration: Sounds of Religion Project as part of the 26th Annual Arts Weekend presented by Michigan State University College of Arts & Letters.


Sounds of Religion

What does religion in the United States sound like? Where do you expect to hear it?

What can we learn by listening more attentively to the communities in which we live?
These questions animate the American Religious Sounds Project (ARSP), a collaborative research initiative co-directed by Amy DeRogatis (Michigan State
University) and Isaac Weiner (Ohio State University).

Amy DeRogatis of MSU and Isaac Weiner of OSU. Photographer: Lauren Pond

For the past five years, faculty and students at MSU and OSU have worked together to produce hundreds of audio field recordings of the sounds of religious practice across a broad range of traditions and sites. We visited churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples; homes, workplaces, and interfaith chapels; coffee houses, breweries, and arts festivals; race tracks, rodeos, and truck stops; political rallies, public parks, and even college football games. Our website invites you to experience these sounds for yourselves and learn more about the diversity of religion in the Midwest and in the US.

What does religion sound like?

This presentation will draw you into our project’s primary intellectual and ethical questions. Through a series of interactive activities, we will ask you to consider what religion sounds like in your own community and what you might learn about your religious neighbors by paying more attention to their sounds. We will share some of our favorite clips and stories “from the field” as well as providing some suggestions as to how you might make use of our website when you return home. We also hope to provoke you a bit to think more broadly about what might count as religious sound. For example, we invite you to come prepared to take a bold stand on the following claim:the sounds that emanate from Spartan Stadium during a football game are religious! No experience or prior knowledge is required to participate. Bring your curiosity and willingness to engage in active discussion and your interest in listening for religious diversity in your hometown, the Midwest, and the United States. We are looking forward to sharing the results of our exciting collaborations with you at this year’s Arts Weekend.


We look forward to seeing you at the 26th Annual Arts Weekend

presented by the Michigan State University College of Arts & Letters.

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