Grand Hotel Arts Weekend Presents “Page to Stage” and “Concept to Creation”

Today we welcome Michigan State University’s Academic Specialists and Costume Designers Angie Wendelberger and Rebecca E. Schuiling to the blog with – “Page to Stage” and “Concept to Creation” as part of the 25th Anniversary of Arts Weekend presented by Michigan State University College of Arts & Letters.


“Page to Stage” and “Concept to Creation”

“They’re just clothes, right?”

Are they? Have you ever been shopping at Macy’s and wondered “who came up with this article of clothing?” Maybe you were watching the new Robert Redford film or the latest MSU Summer Circle Theatre show and wondered “why are people wearing those things?”

From “page to stage” in theatre, and “concept to creation” in fashion; we will answer these questions, give you a glimpse into the worlds of fashion and costume design, explain how these worlds are similar and how they differ, and explore how the intended audience plays a strong role in design.

In this lecture we will be presenting sustainable fashion designs from students in the Apparel and Textile Design Program at Michigan State University as well as vintage costume designs from student designers in Theatre that still stand the test of time.

This will be a very up close and personal exploration of fashion and costume design. Samples of creative designs will be passed around for you to hold in your very hands!

We would like to thank the MSU College of Arts & Letters and Grand Hotel for the invitation to share our passion and at such an amazing venue for this year’s 25th Annual Arts Weekend.


Angie Wendelberger

Angie Wendelberger is an Academic Specialist in Teaching and the Costume Shop Supervisor for the Department of Theatre at Michigan State University. She received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the Chicago College of Performing arts at Roosevelt University in Musical Theatre Performance and a second MFA from Michigan State University in Production Design with an emphasis on costume design and construction.

Before coming to Michigan State, she worked a freelance costume designer and technician in Chicago. She has been pleased to work for such amazing companies as The Court Theatre, RedMoon Theatre, Eclipse Theatre, The Factory Theatre and Navy Pier Entertainment. Along with theatre companies, Angie has spearheaded sewing projects for corporate companies such as Crate and Barrel and PLYTexile Designs.

Previous to this freelance experience in Chicago, she worked as the Costume Shop Supervisor for the University of Michigan- Flint as well as the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University.


Rebecca E. Schuiling

Rebecca E. Schuiling is a knitwear designer and an educator. Her research contributes to scholarship in dress studies and it subsumes visual and material culture. Rebecca’s work seeks to provide insight and understanding into knitted dress through the lens of popular culture, and the artists at the intersection of art and craft, by examining the complex and complicated roles of knit within fashion, art, and society. She presents her work at international and national conferences.

Rebecca has taught at Michigan State University for twelve years and is an Academic Specialist in the Department of Art, Art History, and Design. The focus of Rebecca’s teaching centers on concept, research, experiential learning, the design process and LdL pedagogies. Rebecca’s current courses at Michigan State University include; Explorations in Apparel and Textile Design, Design Studio, Knitwear, and The History of Dress and Textiles. Rebecca serves as the Internship Coordinator for the Apparel and Textile Design Program. Additionally, she leads a yearly summer session study away program to New York City.

Previous to academia, Rebecca worked in the apparel industry as a knitwear designer, and as a designer for Dillard’s Department Store. Her work has been exhibited in Slovenia; she has participated in an in international design workshop in China; and conducted research in Portugal, France, Italy, Austria, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.


We look forward to seeing you at the 25th Anniversary of  Arts Weekend

presented by the Michigan State University College of Arts & Letters.

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