Fall is here but it is Tulip time! Learn how to make yours Grand!

Fall is in the air which means it’s Tulip time!
Grand Tulips
It might not spring but tulip time is here! Every fall the Grand Hotel ground’s crew removes all the annual flowers and gets the spring tulips and daffodils ready for spring. They just finished planting 15,000 tulip bulbs and 5,000 daffodil bulbs. How do they look so good once spring has sprung?
Find out in this video featuring Drew Butterfield, Grand Hotel Superintendent of Grounds. He gives advice on the time of year, spacing, and depth to make sure your garden looks great this spring.

2017 Tulips

2017 Tulips

2017 tulip preparation

Check back this spring to see how this project turned out and share your tulip planting and bloom with us on Facebook! We would love to see what your garden looks like.

3 thoughts on “Fall is here but it is Tulip time! Learn how to make yours Grand!

  1. In the video he said since you were planting more exotic bulbs this year and they would need more room because of the larger bloom, that they were going to plant them 8 inches apart. In the picture the layout looks like they are a lot closer than 8 inches.

    • Hello Jerolyn – Thanks for your question. We confirmed they are roughly 8 inches apart. The video may not look exact. He definitely recommends 8 inches.

  2. I visit last spring and was astonished that the Tulips at the Grand Hotel were so high with very long stems. I have never seen that elsewhere and has not been able to find any bulbs that contain such long stems. Can you please advise what kind of tulip bulb is used to produce such long stems? Thanks

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