Announcing the Completion of the Cupola Suites Project

Construction of the new Cupola Suites on the east end of the hotel will take place this winter. You can see in this photo the dormers on the west end of the hotel. When finished there will be dormers lining the entire east end of the roof past the Cupola Bar. 

Announcing the newest addition to Grand Hotel – four new Cupola Suites finishing the Cupola Suites project and bringing the 2019 guest room total to 397. Since the hotel closed in October the transformation has been happening as these new suites are added to the infrastructure of existing attic space. At the completion of the project, the exterior roofline will resemble the hotel’s original architecture from the late 1800s with dormers lining the entire roof.

Here is a little background on the Cupola Suites Project:

2014: The Cupola Suites project began on the far west end of the hotel with the Musser Suite, named after the late R.D. Musser, Jr. At this time two dormers were added to the roof line. 

2014 addition of dormers for the Musser Suite along the far west end. This was the start of the project.

2015: Addition of two Cupola Suites – Four bedrooms and two parlors were added on the west end of the fourth floor. This year the dormers were completed on the west end for a total of ten dormers.

2017 addition of dormers on the east end.

2017: Addition of three Cupola Suites – This year began the addition of Cupola Suites on the east end of the hotel. Three bedrooms and two parlors were added. This added five more dormers to the roof line. 

2019: Completion of the Cupola Suites – Addition of four new suites. These rooms will be added to the east end to complete the Cupola Suites project bringing the hotel back to the way it looked from the last 1800s with a total of 24 dormers.


What was once storage space will now be transformed into beautiful suites.
The fourth floor of Grand Hotel begins its winter long transformation.
Construction begins to create the newest Cupola Suites on the east end of Grand Hotel. The crane is preparing to remove the roof.
Building materials brought from the mainland by freight boat to the island.
Lumber and insulation line Cadotte Ave.

Take a behind the scenes look at the construction.

Complete with interior design by Carleton Varney of Dorothy Draper and Co. and panoramic views of Mackinac Island and the Straits of Mackinac, these new Cupola Suites are sure to impress our guests in 2019.

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41 thoughts on “Announcing the Completion of the Cupola Suites Project

  1. Can’t wait to see them when they’re finished! Exciting project to be sure.

  2. fantastic…can’t wait to see the progress this summer.

  3. The Grand continues to grow while still keeping the beautiful elegance of this historic hotel!! Cant wait to visit this summer!!

    • Thank you Kathy! We’ll look forward to your return!

  4. The building will be even prettier if that is even possible

  5. Difficult to imagine that you are bringing more MAGIC to the Grand Hotel!

    • Absolutely! We’re looking forward to this one!

  6. Thank you so much for the updates. It gives us so much to look forward to this new year. Love hearing about the new entities. It keeps us happy during these cold winter days.

  7. I proudly wear my Grand Hotel sweatshirt around Royal Oak letting people know just how much I love the Grand Hotel and all it’s beauty. I have watched it grow since 1976 and will be very anxious to be there again in 2019 and see the new suites.

    • Thank you Kevin! We look forward to your return and appreciate your support!

    • Once the suites are finished we will make a public announcement of the suite names and themes! So fun that they are all unique!

  8. My wife Barbara and I had the opportunity to stay in room 420 one of the dormer rooms fantastic.
    Bob Godi
    Reese MI

  9. There is no place better than The Grand Hotel! We have visited many times for conferences or personal celebrations. I LOVE THE GRAND! Can’t wait to see the new suites.

  10. Excited for The Grand! This will also be spectacular. See you soon.

  11. Please be careful and have a full time in house fire inspector on premisis 24/7 during the remodel.
    We hear of so many vintage buildings lost do to a construction related fire.

  12. Been coming to the Grand every year since 1998! Never get tired of seeing her and staying in her!! Everything about her is special and magical – now there’s even more!! See you in October. ?

    • Thank you Linda! We like to keep the magic happening at Grand Hotel!

  13. Seeing GRAND with a new hat will be fun to see! Could you post a pic from the 1800’s?
    Thanks for the E mail!

  14. I’m curious…how many guest rooms were there in the 1800s? Was the attic area that is being converted to suites originally used for guest housing?

    • That’s a great question, we’ll have to ask our hotel historian, Bob Tagatz!

  15. That’s the area where my old room was. Take the service elevator to the top, then walk up two flights of stairs. The only time I was allowed to ride the guest elevator was the day the hotel closed for the winter. Fond memories!

  16. We have such wonderful memories of the Grand and more to make.
    Love Labor Day weekend and Lilac season. Nothing like it!

  17. Love the importance being placed on returning this magnificent hotel to its 1800’s look. Bravo!

    • Thank you Lynn! It’s a life-long project for everyone involved!

  18. I will be honest, I am the sister of Michael Gamble. He was so proud if the work he and his crew did on the Grand every winter. I enjoyed getting to see the final project now being completed, despite the fact Mike is overseeing the crew from a little further away. I would love to see one if the suites named in Mike’s memory. Thank you for giving him the opportunity to take on this project, even when you were aware he was sick.

    • Thank you for sharing Pamela. Mike will always be in our thoughts here at Grand Hotel and on Mackinac Island.

  19. Why were the dormers taken off before?

  20. We are looking forward to bringing our two grown daughters and son with our five grandchildren to “The Grand” in 2019 to celebrate our 55th wedding anniversary. The Grand Hotel was grand in 1964 when our honeymoon involved this magical island. We have been blessed to celebrate many of our special wedding anniversaries at the Grand Hotel. With a new look in 2019, this “Grand Lady” continues to become more beautiful.

    • Thank you Curtis! Happy 55th Anniversary to you and your wife and thank you for choosing Grand Hotel as your celebration destination year after year!

  21. Grand Hotel gets more beautiful and majestic every year, this is just another effort to continue the tradition. My wife and I started coming in 2010 and can’t wait to be there again this year, this is our annual vacation and we plan all year for the experience.

    • Thank you for making Grand Hotel part of your family tradition! We look forward to your return in the summer!

  22. So cool to see the construction , especially in the hall ways of the fourth floor! We love the way the Dan Musser continues to innovate and improve the experience of the guests.
    Thank you for sharing the Cupola Suite addition, Blessings!

    • You’re welcome. We are glad you enjoy seeing the updates!

  23. We spent our 50th Anniversary by staying in one of the central 400 rooms and are returning this year, our tenth visit since 1965. The commute from California is not that easy; but the view, place, service, food and history make the journey very worthwhile. Thank you for sending updates. Happy New Year!

    • Thank you Randall! Happy New Year to you as well! We are thankful to have such loyal guests as yourselves! Making the trek from California is not easy, but yes always worth it!

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