Somewhere in Time

The portrait of a beautiful woman. A man who becomes so obsessed with her, he travels back in time to meet her and find love. That’s the story told by the movie Somewhere in Time, filmed at Grand Hotel and Mackinac Island, and released in 1980.

grand-hotel-mackinac-island-somewhere-in-time-coverThis romantic fantasy, starring Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour, Christopher Plummer and Theresa Wright, has captured the imaginations and hearts of movie goers across the world.

The movie is an adaptation of the book by Richard Matheson, Bid Time Return. It stars Christopher Reeve as Richard Collier, a successful young playwright who falls in love with the portrait of a beautiful young woman he sees at Grand Hotel, played by Jane Seymour. Collier becomes obsessed with the woman, learns she was at the hotel in 1912 and travels back in time to have a love affair with her.

Many Mackinac Island workers and residents were also in the film. About half of the movie was filmed inside Grand Hotel or on its extensive grounds. Sites used include the Main Dining Room, Pontiac Room, and of course, the famous Front Porch.


Having some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and all the excitement and intrigue that come with filming a movie was an unforgettable experience. It involved nearly 100 cast and crew members who set up their headquarters at the Inn on Mackinac. Five huge tractor trailers containing the equipment, props and power source needed for filming were also set up on the island. Special permission had to be granted for the trailers to be on the island, as motorized vehicles are not allowed.
grand-hotel-mackinac-island-somewhere-in-time-porchEvery year, Grand Hotel holds its Somewhere in Time Weekend and celebrates the beloved film. Every year, fans along with returning cast and crew members revisit the film, its cinematic secrets, discuss its making and attend a special screening.

Participants are invited to make a cameo appearance in costume at various weekend events.

We invite you to join us for this magical weekend, so you too can experience the magic and mystery of Somewhere in Time.