Grand Hotel Arts Weekend Presents The Dangling Participles

Today we welcome Michigan State University’s Austin Kaufmann of the The Dangling Participles, a trio of English language instructors from MSU’s English Language Center to the blog with their Arts & Culture Collaboration: The Dangling Participles as part of the 26th Annual Arts Weekend presented by Michigan State University College of Arts & Letters.


The Dangling Participles

“So what is a dangling participle anyway?”

The Dangling Participles

Fans of the band simply answer, “A member of a jazzy indie-folk band out of Lansing.” If pressed, they resort to “Ask Austin. He’s the English teacher.” Originally, The Dangling Participles were a trio of English language instructors from MSU’s English Language Center who, in 2015, decided to take their basement jam sessions public. The lineup has evolved since then, and Austin Kaufmann is the only founding member—and the only English teacher—still in the band. The current roster has remained constant since 2017, and this tight quartet has played more than a hundred shows throughout Michigan. 

The band’s soulful vocals—shared by Tamiko Rothhorn and Austin Kaufmann—give the group its signature sound, rich in harmonies. Instrumentally, Austin anchors the group on guitar and harmonica, with Tamiko, a 1995 graduate of the MSU College of Arts and Letters German program, adding cornet and ukulele. Tim Patterson, who earned his MA in composition from MSU’s College of Music in 2013, fills out the low register on his upright bass and adds backing vocals. Dan Moreno rounds out the rhythm section on percussion. 

“The Dang Ps”—as their fans affectionately refer to them—pair their love of songwriting and arranging  with a spirited on-stage presence. They boast a diverse repertoire of beloved cover tunes, ranging from folk and rock to jazz and blues, but their equally eclectic originals—poignant, playful, character-driven, wry, literary, or intensely personal—are what have won them a devoted fan base. The Dangling Participles released their first full-length album, Present, in 2018. Local Spins website album reviewer Ricky Olmos writes: “The Dangling Participles’ Present evokes sonic images of crowded back-alley speakeasies, smoky blues bars and exotic, faraway lands. At its heart, Present is a genre-spanning body of work, with an inclination toward acoustic-inspired songs.”

Founding member Austin Kaufmann

The band is honored to join the 2020 MSU Arts Weekend program, and all four participles look forward to participating in the weekend’s events along with their families. Still wondering what a dangling participle is? Don’t hesitate to catch up with the band after their Saturday evening performance and track down Austin. He’s the English teacher.



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We look forward to seeing you at the 26th Annual Arts Weekend

presented by the Michigan State University College of Arts & Letters.

10 Romantic Nights at Grand Hotel


Sunset at Grand Hotel

10 Romantic Nights at Grand Hotel

There is so much Grand Hotel has to offer for couples visiting Mackinac Island looking to share something truly special together. The unique location of this luxury hotel on historic Mackinac Island makes for a most relaxing atmosphere set somewhere in time. Whether it’s a romantic evening watching the sunset over the Mackinac Bridge or experiencing fine dining in the Salle à Manger, Grand Hotel has something for every couple to enjoy! Here a few ideas to inspire your romantic getaway!


 1. Strolling the Front Porch 

A stroll down the front porch


A Mackinac sunset off the front porch

Almost everyone that stays here agrees, the most romantic way to start your stay is to take a stroll hand in hand down the front porch at Grand Hotel. The west end frames the Mackinac Bridge with the warm light of the setting sun over the Straits of Mackinac. Head to the east end to take in the charming views of Cadotte Ave., Little Stone Church and Downtown Mackinac Island. Beautiful maple trees line Cadotte Ave. and the comforting sounds of the carriages trot by in the distance. Take in the fresh breeze off the lake as you watch ferries cross the Straits and pull into the harbor. Old fashioned rocking chairs line the porch and welcome you to have a seat and take a moment to soak it all in. The Geranium Bar located just off the porch offers a variety of champagne, beer and cocktails available throughout the day and night. 

2. The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden
Grand Hotel’s Secret Garden

Everyone’s favorite secret at Grand Hotel is The Secret Garden.  Blooming and vibrant Grape Hyacinths create the illusion of a flowing river to Grand Hotel while forest creatures made from flowering succulents hide among their blossoms. Follow the pathway across the bridge where you’ll be surrounded by rays of sunlight, monarch butterflies and a variety of blooming tulips, daffodils and impatiens depending on the season.

3. Dining at The Jockey Club

The Jockey Club
Interior of The Jockey Club
Dining at The Jockey Club

The Jockey Club is located just across the street from Grand Hotel and offers guests a more intimate dining setting. Enjoy dining outdoors overlooking The Jewel golf course on the patio while taking in the relaxing sounds of live jazz guitar.  The Jockey Club is a Mackinac Island local favorite and are known for their creative presentations and innovative menu.

4. Stay In

Welcome Amenities at Grand Hotel
Welcome Amenities

Make the most of your Grand Hotel stay with our welcome amenities. We offer a variety of amenities to make your night extra special, from custom bouquets, chocolate covered strawberries, cordials, and champagne. Check into your room to find a basket full of gourmet cheese, crackers and Grand Hotel wine waiting for you and let the romance begin. Custom bouquets can be made to order right at Margaret’s Garden. 

5. Cocktails in the Audubon

Cocktails in the Audubon

Enjoy the intimacy of The Audubon Wine Bar just adjacent to the parlor. The soft lighting, classic decor and antique copper bar top will put you in the mood for romance. Small plates and charcuterie boards are available along with craft cocktails, fine wines and cordials.

6. Off the Beaten Path – A Carriage Ride to Woods Restaurant

A carriage ride to Woods Restaurant
Dinner for two at Woods
Woods Restaurant

The Bavarian Charm of Woods Restaurant will deliver all the magic of Mackinac Island and make your stay truly unforgettable! Start the evening with a horse-drawn carriage up the West Bluff of Mackinac and into the forest to Woods Restaurant. Enjoy a uniquely Bavarian menu by the crackling fireplace and the soft sounds of the piano played nightly by the Grand Hotel pianist. 

7. Experience Somewhere in Time at Grand Hotel

Somewhere in Time Promenade
Somewhere in Time Weekend

Embrace the romantic in you and fall in love! Couple’s just love to travel to Mackinac Island and relive the timeless classic Somewhere in Time at Grand Hotel. You’ll feel as if you’ve traveled back in time for this event complete with costume dress, promenades, fine dining and special viewings of the film.

8. Stroll through the Tea Garden at Twilight

Grand Hotel’s tea garden at twilight

The tea garden at twilight is a sight to see! After dinner follow the lanterns down the stairs to the tea garden and fountain. Listen to the soft sounds of the fountain and Mackinac Island and look up to see a unique view of Grand Hotel all lit up against the twilight sky. 

9. Summer & Fall Wine Weekends

Wine Weekend Private Dinner
Grand Hotel Wine Appreciation Weekend

Summer and Fall Wine Weekends at Grand Hotel offer guests the chance for couples to taste wines and meet the wine makers from regions throughout Michigan and California. Learn how these vintners started and the secrets behind their craft all while enjoying your stay at Grand Hotel. Couple’s enjoy wine-tastings, nightly receptions and a special private dinner with wine pairings for each course created by our Master Sommelier Elizabeth Schweitzer.

10. Treat yourself to a Named Room or Suite

2019 Cupola Suite Bedroom
2019 Cupola Suite 

When is there a better time to treat yourself to a unique guest room? Choose one of our First Lady Suites or brand new Cupola Suites (new in 2019) with views looking over the Straits of Mackinac. Cherish the uniqueness of the room that fits you, then relax and unwind with a special part of Grand Hotel that you will remember forever. With 397 uniquely decorated guest rooms to choose from you can certainly find the perfect one for you. 

Balcony views of the bridge from the west end.

We hope you enjoyed our list! You can book your own romantic Grand Hotel getaway today with our Honeymoon & Anniversary Package. Whether you are celebrating a honeymoon or an anniversary, Grand Hotel’s picturesque setting is the perfect place to relax and indulge for a romantic 3-night stay. We take care of all the details with flowers and champagne, a one-hour private horse-drawn carriage ride, Afternoon Tea, and fine dining. If you want to get away for the weekend or mid-week we have lots of special packages and availability this season to help plan your next special trip together. 

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Grand Hotel Arts Weekend Presents Sounds of Religion with Amy DeRogatis & Isaac Weiner

Today we welcome Michigan State University’s Amy DeRogatis, Professor of Religion and American culture in the Department of Religious Studies , and Ohio State University’s Isaac Weiner, Associate Professor of Religious Studies in the Department of Comparative Studies and Associate Director of the Center for the Study of Religion to the blog with their Global Arts & Culture Collaboration: Sounds of Religion Project as part of the 26th Annual Arts Weekend presented by Michigan State University College of Arts & Letters.


Sounds of Religion

What does religion in the United States sound like? Where do you expect to hear it?

What can we learn by listening more attentively to the communities in which we live?
These questions animate the American Religious Sounds Project (ARSP), a collaborative research initiative co-directed by Amy DeRogatis (Michigan State
University) and Isaac Weiner (Ohio State University).

Amy DeRogatis of MSU and Isaac Weiner of OSU. Photographer: Lauren Pond

For the past five years, faculty and students at MSU and OSU have worked together to produce hundreds of audio field recordings of the sounds of religious practice across a broad range of traditions and sites. We visited churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples; homes, workplaces, and interfaith chapels; coffee houses, breweries, and arts festivals; race tracks, rodeos, and truck stops; political rallies, public parks, and even college football games. Our website invites you to experience these sounds for yourselves and learn more about the diversity of religion in the Midwest and in the US.

What does religion sound like?

This presentation will draw you into our project’s primary intellectual and ethical questions. Through a series of interactive activities, we will ask you to consider what religion sounds like in your own community and what you might learn about your religious neighbors by paying more attention to their sounds. We will share some of our favorite clips and stories “from the field” as well as providing some suggestions as to how you might make use of our website when you return home. We also hope to provoke you a bit to think more broadly about what might count as religious sound. For example, we invite you to come prepared to take a bold stand on the following claim:the sounds that emanate from Spartan Stadium during a football game are religious! No experience or prior knowledge is required to participate. Bring your curiosity and willingness to engage in active discussion and your interest in listening for religious diversity in your hometown, the Midwest, and the United States. We are looking forward to sharing the results of our exciting collaborations with you at this year’s Arts Weekend.


We look forward to seeing you at the 26th Annual Arts Weekend

presented by the Michigan State University College of Arts & Letters.