2019 Cupola Suites Project Update


As the days gradually get longer with the promise of spring the Cupola Suites project grows closer to completion.

With heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures, the construction crew has certainly had their share of obstacles dealing with the extreme winter weather on Mackinac Island the past few months. Through all of it the amazing crew has continued to move forward and bring together the newest addition to Grand Hotel, the 2019 Cupola Suites. 

Workers lay the framework for the suites.

The horses are part of the winter construction crew too.
Insulation is installed over the wood frames.
Looking out at West Bluff in winter.
Icy views of the Mackinac Bridge from the porch at Grand Hotel. 
2019 Cupola Suites project

The 2019 Cupola Suites project will take the roofline back to its original look from the late 1800s. With the dormers completed and the drywall up, the suites are really beginning to take shape. Wallpaper, carpets, and lighting fixtures have been designed by Carleton Varney and Dorothy Draper & Co. These additions will soon be added to bring life to the newly constructed Cupola Suites at Grand Hotel.

Heavy snowfall seems to be norm this winter!

Walls are put into place with insulation and doorways.
All the dormers have been added!
Looking out the unfinished dormer window
Looking out one of the dormers out onto the Straits of Mackinac.

With the addition of the drywall the rooms are really starting to take shape.
The project has come a long way!
The construction crew works on the window frame for the suite dormers.
Looking up from the street to see the completion of the dormers restoring the roof line to its original aesthetic.

The interior design reveal will be coming soon!

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