Announcing the Completion of the Cupola Suites Project

Construction of the new Cupola Suites on the east end of the hotel will take place this winter. You can see in this photo the dormers on the west end of the hotel. When finished there will be dormers lining the entire east end of the roof past the Cupola Bar. 

Announcing the newest addition to Grand Hotel – four new Cupola Suites finishing the Cupola Suites project and bringing the 2019 guest room total to 397. Since the hotel closed in October the transformation has been happening as these new suites are added to the infrastructure of existing attic space. At the completion of the project, the exterior roofline will resemble the hotel’s original architecture from the late 1800s with dormers lining the entire roof.

Here is a little background on the Cupola Suites Project:

2014: The Cupola Suites project began on the far west end of the hotel with the Musser Suite, named after the late R.D. Musser, Jr. At this time two dormers were added to the roof line. 

2014 addition of dormers for the Musser Suite along the far west end. This was the start of the project.

2015: Addition of two Cupola Suites – Four bedrooms and two parlors were added on the west end of the fourth floor. This year the dormers were completed on the west end for a total of ten dormers.

2017 addition of dormers on the east end.

2017: Addition of three Cupola Suites – This year began the addition of Cupola Suites on the east end of the hotel. Three bedrooms and two parlors were added. This added five more dormers to the roof line. 

2019: Completion of the Cupola Suites – Addition of four new suites. These rooms will be added to the east end to complete the Cupola Suites project bringing the hotel back to the way it looked from the last 1800s with a total of 24 dormers.


What was once storage space will now be transformed into beautiful suites.
The fourth floor of Grand Hotel begins its winter long transformation.
Construction begins to create the newest Cupola Suites on the east end of Grand Hotel. The crane is preparing to remove the roof.
Building materials brought from the mainland by freight boat to the island.
Lumber and insulation line Cadotte Ave.

Take a behind the scenes look at the construction.

Complete with interior design by Carleton Varney of Dorothy Draper and Co. and panoramic views of Mackinac Island and the Straits of Mackinac, these new Cupola Suites are sure to impress our guests in 2019.

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