2019 Open the Grand by Dan Musser, III

Grand Hotel President, Dan Musser, III speaking at the 2019 staff orientation.

Today marks the official opening of our 133rd season. Myself along with my sister Mimi Cunningham are the third generation of our family to own and operate the hotel. This will be our family’s 87th year welcoming guests and it is an honor to do so. 

Grand Hotel’s original roofline is now restored with the completion of all dormers.

As a family owned hotel we take great pride and ownership in the details and are excited this year to complete a project I talked about for a long time with my father. The Cupola Suites project began in 2014 with the Musser Suite, named in honor of my late father, R.D. Musser, Jr. In  2015 we continued the construction on the fourth floor with the first of the Cupola Suites, and this winter completed the project by adding an additional four suites and bringing the hotel’s guest room total to 397.  
If you travel over to Mackinac Island this season you will notice dormers lining the entire roof bringing the hotel back to its original architecture from the late 1800s, a symbol of the completion of the project.

The designers at Carleton Varney were excited to return to Mackinac Island last week to put the finishing touches on another colorful addition to Grand Hotel. Complete with custom carpets, Dorothy Draper drapery and hand-painted wall papers, these new Cupola Suites are sure to impress! 

Take a look at the new suites.
Introducing Room 452 
This suite is a one bedroom suite with parlor. 
A sitting area in one of the new dormers.
Introducing Rooms 454 and 456
Rooms 454 and 456 provide the option for 2 bedrooms or a 1 bedroom suite with Parlor. 
Dormer area with views of the Straits of Mackinac.
Room 454 bedroom

Room 456 bedroom
Introducing Room 458 
Room 458 is one bedroom with the option of a connecting parlor.
Room 458 also has 2 dormers.

Chairs, carpet, and drapery.

As you walk through the parlor you’ll notice the newly upholstered furniture including the red chairs that line the hallway. Many of the carpets and drapery in the rooms throughout the hotel have been updated as well, including the Presidential Suite. The wallpaper in the Cupola Bar has also been updated with a fresh new look for the 2019 season. 

Newly upholstered chairs line the parlor.
Custom carpet complimentary of Carleton Varney in the Presidential Suite Parlor.
Custom carpet designed for the Presidential Suite parlor.
New drapery for the Lincoln Suite.
New Carleton Varney wallpaper line the walls of the Cupola Bar.

Concierge Desk 

We’re excited to announce the completion of the new Concierge Desk on the parlor level. Guest Services will now be better able to assist you with the addition of the new and improved Concierge Desk. The desk will be open daily between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. and will serve to accommodate our guests with everything from room deliveries to restaurant reservations and everything in between. 

The new Concierge Desk on the parlor level.
The gold plated concierge sign gleams over the parlor’s newest addition.

Welcome Home 

Grand Hotel Convention and Sales Staff
Front Desk Staff with V.P of Accommodations, Jerry Toney


We are looking forward to another great season and wonderful memories ahead. On behalf of my family and over 700 employees, we look forward to welcoming you to Grand Hotel and Mackinac Island this season.

Most sincerely,




Dan Musser, III


47 thoughts on “2019 Open the Grand by Dan Musser, III

  1. I absolutely love all the new upgrades and changes you’ve made during the off season. My husband and I had the honor of staying at the Grand Hotel some years ago and it was a dream come true. We look forward to coming back some day and staying there again. The new suites are incredible! Thanks for all that you do to take for such an amazing place. We are also big fans of the movie Somewhere in Time.

    • Thank you Renee! We’re so glad you were able to stay with us and we will look forward to your return!

  2. The new renovations look awesome! We’ve stayed with you the last 2 years and hope to come again this fall. My parents were avid bikers and enjoyed staying with you for years so we hope to follow in their footsteps. Staying with you makes us feel “Grand”.

  3. My daughter and I are looking forward to our upcoming visit next month. We’ve made it an annual tradition for the last few years. Always an exceptional experience.

  4. The new renovations look wonderful, can’t wait to see the Cupola Bar updates. Already have our reservations for the Golf outing. Can’t wait!

  5. We are so looking forward to our visit in June to celebrate our anniversary! One of the most beautiful places on earth staffed by such wonderful people. Can’t wait to see the renovations.

    • Thank you Gail! We appreciate you leaving such a nice comment and are so excited for you to stay with us this June!

  6. Love the new look. Will be there next week for 3 days. Looking forward to it. I try to come every year in May. This will be my third year taking advantage of your specials.

    • Wonderful! We’ll see you soon!

  7. As usual, the new suites are outstanding! Many thanks to Carleton and Dan and Mimi’s fine attention to detail. We had the privilege of staying in one of the new rooms with a dormer last year and were thrilled to pieces. My family has enjoyed visiting the Grand for more than 40 years and feel privileged to have done so. Dan and Jerry, Kenny and Glenn always makes us feel as if we are truly coming home. Thank you for providing a most wonderful retreat from the world.

    • Thank you Patricia, It is our pleasure to have you stay with us year after year! We appreciate having such loyal guests such as yourselves and you taking the time to leave such kind words. We will look forward to your return and welcoming you home again!

  8. We stayed at the hotel on our honeymoon 60 years ago. God has been good to us and we are being blessed to have a return in June.

  9. I’m coming on the 8th and 9th. Been on the island but never in the Grand Hotel. I am looking forward to see the beauty inside.

    • We’re excited to have you Marilyn!

  10. The rooms are spectacular.

    We came to the island on our honeymoon.
    We have stayed at the Grand Lady several times and find it always lovely and relaxing. Having been married for 53 years, we feel there is no better place to go to celebrate.

    Thank you for keeping The Grand Hotel so special.

    • Thank you Jean and Doug! We will continue to keep Grand Hotel special so you’ll always have a place to celebrate your anniversary.

  11. Only Grand Hotel could exceed everyone’s expectations year after year! We can’t wait to hear Ken say “Welcome Home”! this summer.
    We will see you in seven weeks!!!

    • Thank you Lynn! See you soon!

  12. Everything looks spectacular! Looking to see everything new in a few weeks.

    • Thank you Chip! We’ll look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks! The tulips will be blooming then!

  13. The newly decorated suites are incredibly beautiful. I love the east end Cupola suites, but the new west end are absolutely gorgeous ?. I can’t believe the decor. The rooms looks so comfortable! You’ve really outdone yourselves! Congratulations on opening for another year. May it be spectacular and record breaking!
    The remarks at the end by the staff members made me so homesick I wanted to cry. I will be there soon and will hopefully sneak a peek at these remarkable rooms. Cheers to another record breaking year! ?

    • We are so excited for you to return to your home Jacqueline! We hope you enjoyed your last stay in the Betty Ford Suite, it looked spectacular. We’re so glad you enjoyed the video we made to welcome you and all our guests to the 133rd Season. We look forward to having you stay with us again!

  14. For 36 years my girls and I have been coming to the Grand Hotel, many times a season. It is truly our home away from home. Your wonderful staff have become our family. The minute we get on the ferry our stress disappears. We just become a closer family group and then we include your staff. I always look forward to see all the changes and to meet new staff and see the returning staff who we have missed. We have even been to Jamaica to visit our special friends. The Grand Hotel is a very big part of our lives. See you soon.

    • We are so thankful for you and your family Nancy. We look forward to your stay each month of the season! You and your family have certainly become apart of our Grand family and traditions here. It is our pleasure to provide your family with a special place to create your memories year after year!

  15. Had the privilege of staying in your amazing hotel several times. Last year during your pre opening weekend I was there for a handbell festival. As busy as your staff was getting ready for your opening weekend, we were treated with your renowned hospitality. The festival went off without a hitch and we all had a wonderful time. The food was excellent. In fact, I requested the recipe for the potato salad and was told it would be emailed to me. Did not hear from the chef and am wondering if it is possible to get it now that you are open again. I understand that another bell festival has been planned at the Grand you can bet I’ll be there!

    • We just loved the handbell concert! You are all so talented and create such beautiful music. We’ll talk to Chef Hans for you to see if he will release his secret recipe and look forward to the next handbell concert here!

  16. Oh my mercy ? the new suites are so beautiful. Before i die I’m staying in one of these rooms. Lol. Just when i think The Grand cannot get better – you surprise me yet again. See you in 2019.

    • Thank you Julie! We’re always working to improve our hotel for our special guests like you!

  17. I have had the pleasure of attending several of The Winsome Women retreats! The Retreat itself is always very special, but staying at Grand Hotel is also very special! Hoping to stay in one of the suites or new dormers! But every room we’ve stayed in has beautifully decorated, with a wonderful view! So looking forward to it on May 14/15! See you then!

    • Thank you Judith! We will see you in a couple weeks, the beautiful tulips will be blooming!

  18. We love the Grand! We have been to the Somewhere in Time Weekend for 5 years and are looking forward to our 6th one, this year! The staff are wonderful!

    • Wow 6 years! That’s impressive! Somewhere in Time is the most magical weekend, we’re so glad you join us for it year after year!

  19. If only Grand Hotel were not so far from California. Out tenth visit is this July. Cameron Brass is shepherding is with a variation on the “Dan Plan” which we so eagerly anticipate. There are no other places like the magic, service and things the way they used to be, only better. It takes a dedicated army to do this enterprise. Thank you!

    • We appreciate you traveling all the way to Northern Michigan to stay with us Randall! We’ll look forward to seeing you this July and we’re sure Cameron will take great care of you!

  20. Best wishes for another great season. The new updates look great, but who would ever believe that there was any room for improvement?

    We look forward to visiting again this summer.

    • Thank you Bill! We appreciate your kind comments. Always room to improve! (:

  21. We were lucky enough to stay in one of the dormer suites the first year they opened. Combine the beauty of our suite overlooking the pool and the lake, and the outstanding service from the Grand Hotel staff, it was a once in a life-time experience. When I tell people about it, I say “This is what I dream Heaven would be like.” Thank you to all the people who make the Grand Hotel what it is. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you Vicki! We’re so glad you had such a heavenly experience staying with us in the new cupola suites! We’ll look forward to your return!

  22. We are very excited to see the new renovations, greet returning staff and enjoy wonderful Jazz over the Labor Day weekend.

    • Thank you Nolah and Michael! We’ll look forward to seeing you over Labor Day Jazz Weekend!

  23. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful changes. My husband and I have celebrated our 10th, 20th, and now our 30th honeymoon (memorial weekend) at the Grand. See you soon!

    • That’s wonderful! We’re so glad you choose to celebrate your anniversaries with us at Grand Hotel!

  24. We are so looking forward to our stay June 7-8. First time at the Grand, a dream come true. I’m sure the staff will be as wonderful as stable manager Ben, whom we met in the stables last year, and had a good talk with, and the staff at Woods where we had a wonderful dinner. Thanks to Dan for his support of Yankee Air Museum.

  25. I just saw the Grand Hotel blog with the new addition of the dormer suites. What a great job done by all to make this improvement and addition happen. I have been returning to Grand Hotel for the last 15 plus seasons and am looking forward to once again being there in July 2019. Through the years I have had the pleasure to meet and get to know Dan Musser. I look forward to seeing him again when I return in July to celebrate Grand Hotels 133rd Season!

  26. Excited to finally be a guest at the Grand Hotel. Both my wife and I were born in MI but moved to the West Coast in 1976. Grand Hotel has been on our bucket list for decades! We stayed in many fine hotels during our 63 years of marriage and look forward to our upcoming trip.

  27. We are so excited to have you two stay with us! We’ll look forward to your arrival!

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