Introducing The Murder Mystery Company at Grand Hotel

The Murder Mystery Co.

NEW for 2017 The Murder Mystery Company based in Michigan is partnering with Grand Hotel to bring a new and intriguing Murder Mystery Weekend –  October 20-22, 2017.

Scott Cramton, CEO of The Murder Mystery Company, is looking forward to this thrilling weekend, which he calls his “passion project.” We sat down with him to learn more about his company and to get insight into what is going to make this experience truly special . Scott Crampton

Q: What is your experience with Grand Hotel?

A: “I have been a lifelong fan of Grand Hotel. I’m a Michigan native, and grew up going to Grand Hotel with my parents, and now I go with my daughter. To me, Grand Hotel is the ultimate kind of immersion theater. It’s an entire world. It feels turn-of-the-century—turn of the last century.  No cars, horse-drawn carriages, a completely different lifestyle. In a way, it’s probably been a subtle inspiration to everything The Murder Mystery Company has become.”

Q: What makes Grand Hotel such a great venue for this Murder Mystery Weekend?

A: “Ultimately, it’s perfect, because it actually has the feel of a place that would hold a premiere, an Old Hollywood-style party. Grand Hotel from head to toe, has the perfect vibe for a show like ours.”

Q: How does the multi-day aspect of this event “up the stakes” of the mystery?

A: “As a guest you’re actually going to be involved in this, day and night. Every guest is going to play detective. You’ll be investigating crime scenes, interrogating suspects, finding surprise clues. All the things that you see, read, and watch about murder mysteries, you’re going to actually be in, in a way you can’t in a two-hour experience. We do those two- or three-hour experiences as The Murder Mystery Company, and they’re amazing, but people don’t have the time to actually mull it over. With this one, you really do, and I think that’s what is going to make this so truly incredible.”

Q: What is your experience with The Murder Mystery Company, and how has it prepared you for this event?

A: “We have been very fortunate. We started in Michigan, but our unique style and our ability to involve guests in a non-stressful way has made what we do so incredibly popular that it is literally everywhere, from Boston, to Tampa, to Seattle, to LA, and everywhere in between. The Murder Mystery Company does 5,000 shows a year. We are far and away the leader in mystery entertainment throughout America. When this opportunity arose, I thought that this would be our magnum opus, our David. We have fans throughout the country who have always talked about going to an ultimate event, something that can supercede anything we’ve been able to do in the past, and because of Grand Hotel, because of what it offers, because of the entirety of the atmosphere, this is truly the canvas on which we can paint our masterpiece. I’m very excited to share this experience with guests of Grand Hotel.”

Join the Murder Mystery Company at Grand Hotel October 20 – 22, 2017 for the chance to investigate with the experts in mystery entertainment. Come join the intrigue and help solve the Mystery of “Best Laid Plans” with entertainment all weekend.It promises to be an exciting getaway for amateurs and seasoned sleuths alike!

For more information about Murder Mystery Weekend and “Best Laid Plans” visit or call 1-800-334-7263 to speak to Grand Hotel Reservations.