Trunk Show at Grand Hotel: July, 1-8 2016

trunk show

Trunk Show at the Colony Shop and Mackinac Market

July 1 – July 8, 2016

Stop by the Colony Shop and the Mackinac Market in Grand Hotel to see a Grand trunk show! July 1st through the 8th there will be a trunk show for Meanwhile Back on the Farm at the Colony Shop and The ABC’s of Mackinac Island at Mackinac Market.  For all those shoppers out there this one is for you! Peruse through beautiful waxed canvas totes and leather clutches, which are hand sewn from the finest organic materials: vegetable tanned leather, waxed canvas and Liberty of London™ fabric. Or take a look at Mackinac Island posters and placemats from The ABC’s of Mackinac Island.

Trunk Show

Meanwhile Back on the Farm all started with Heather and Bobby.  In 2015 they officially launched Meanwhile Back On The Farm, which was born of their desire to create handmade products together that represent this wholesome lifestyle.  Bobby grew up spending weekends in his father’s furniture factory, cultivating a deep passion for the process of creating and building.  His strong family roots and hands led him to carry on the legacy of three generations of furniture manufacturing, developing his appreciation of the value of family business. Meanwhile Heather traveled the world launching brands and discovering the finest quality materials that inspired her to create.

With Heather and Bobby’s new budding family they made their way back to the joys of the farm lifestyle they both cherish, fulfilling their dreams of living close to the land and creating with their hands.  Living on The Farm offers a lifestyle filled with early mornings, hard work, heartwarming laughter, good food and family; which is what their brand, “Meanwhile Back on the Farm”, is all about.  Check out Heather and Bobby’s full story right here>>Meanwhile Storytrunk show

The second Trunk Show features posters and placemats of The ABC’s of Mackinac Island, by Karyn Burns ABC’s! Joining the ranks of a growing and diverse line of ABC  Vacation destinations across the United States, come join us and learn about how The ABC’s of Mackinac Island came about…from an email inquiry to artist Karyn Burns from one of our very own employees, Paige Vartanian!


Take home a fun reminder of some of your favorite Mackinac Island memories on posters, placemats, or both! The ABC’s of Mackinac Island provides perfect souvenirs for anyone looking for special Mackinac Island items to bring home for yourself or for your friends and family.

We hope to see you! Happy Shopping! 🙂


Grand Hotel Celebrates 100, GRAND Facebook Fans!


100, GRAND

THANK YOU 100, GRAND Facebook Fans!

We are excited to reach the 100,GRAND mark on Facebook! This is a historic day for Grand Hotel and we are so excited to share this fun video celebrating some of our favorite things….things you may recognize while staying at Grand Hotel!

We hope you enjoy it. Click on the video below – Grand Hotel Celebrates 100,000 Facebook Fans! Music compliments of Alex Graham and the Grand Hotel Orchestra.

The Allure of Mackinac by Dean Christopher Long – MSU College of Arts & Letters


22399533872_e392673093_o (1)Today’s guest blogger is Christopher P. Long, Dean of the College of Arts & Letters at Michigan State University. Dean Long will be hosting the 22nd annual Arts Weekend at Grand Hotel the weekend of June 24-26.

The first time I heard of a place called “Mackinac” was in college. Growing up in Philadelphia, northern Michigan was not part of the narrative that informed my life. But when I arrived at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio, I started to hear stories about an island in northern Michigan where cars were banned and life was simple. My student friends always spoke of it as of a place enchanted.

Now, as Dean of the College of Arts & Letters at Michigan State University, my family and I will visit the island for the first time as we host a group of friends and alumni for Arts Weekend at Grand Hotel.

Arts Weekend is a collaboration between the College of Arts & Letters and the Grand Hotel, a tradition that is entering its 22nd year. The weekend was the brainchild of the late Dan Musser, owner of Grand Hotel and a group of community volunteers. Each year, it showcases the many talents of College of Arts & Letters faculty, staff, and students to guests of the Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island who enjoy musical and theatrical performances, creative presentations, and displays of visual art.

When I began my tenure as Dean of the College of Arts & Letters, I spoke about the importance of recognizing the ways our lives and institutions are enriched by the vision and commitment of those who came before us. In that context, I cited Peter Raible’s adaptation of Deuteronomy: “We sit in the shade of trees we did not plant. We drink from wells we did not dig.” As we prepare to gather at Grand Hotel, these words come back to me, and I am grateful for the time for those associated with the College to be together and reflect on the values of the arts and humanities and the ways they inform and enrich our lives.

The Ancient Greeks had a word for this kind of time; they called it scholé, which is often translated as leisure. In a culture in which the entire idea of the “American Dream” is built around the value of hard work, the free time associated with leisure is often condemned. In a way, “leisure” is not quite the right translation for scholé, the word from which we derive the name for a “school” in English. Rather, as I have discussed in another context, the Greek word points to a certain kind of liberated time: the free time we need to pursue activities that are valuable in and of themselves.

Mackinac Island opens a space for this sort of liberated time; so it is fitting that we will gather at Grand Hotel in June to celebrate the arts, deepen our connections with one another, and reflect upon the course of our lives and the life of the College of Arts & Letters.

This year’s activities will include a tour of Grand Hotel Manoogian Art Collection led by alumna Tatum Walker, MSU Department of Theatre performance “A Grand Night for Singing,” and a presentation from alumna Elysia Borowy-Reeder focused on the innovative arts scene in Detroit. Our evening will conclude with an inspiring and exclusive performance by “The Voice” finalist and MSU alumnus Joshua Davis.

As I anticipate our first visit to this majestic island, I look forward to the time to connect with friends of the College, to accompany my wife and daughters on a carriage ride as we weave through Surrey Hill, the many art museums, and the Arch Rock, and to reflect on my first year as Dean of the College of Arts & Letters, a year dedicated to making the arts and humanities central to the Michigan State University experience, as they have long been to generations of visitors to Mackinac Island.