Grand Hotel Somewhere in Time Weekend featuring Jane Seymour

From the moment Jane Seymour confirmed she would be visiting for the 35th Anniversary of the movie Somewhere in Time and the 25th Anniversary weekend at Grand Hotel there was a buzz of excitement that could not be ignored. Once we informed guests they shared in the enthusiasm as well. Over 700 guests attended the weekend from 5 countries and 31 states.  Jane arrived on a beautiful sunny Thursday in October with a smile on her face and a wave for all the fans anticipating the first glimpse of her graceful presence as she departed from the carriage. After her arrival she had a short time to get ready for her first autograph session in the Terrace Room. GuestsThe line for autographs wound from the Parlor, through the Art Gallery, up and around the Theatre stairs, back down around the other side of the Art Gallery and up the Terrace Room stairs.

Jane signed every autograph and posed for photos with everyone.

After dinner on Thursday, Jane made introductions for the annual showing of Somewhere in Time in the Theatre. Jane’s presence made the showing of the movie even more special for the fans here at the hotel.

Jane Introduction

Friday afternoon Jane took a bit of free time sketching outside on the Front Porch. Jane’s art was featured in the Art Gallery for the weekend.


Then Friday evening was very special as Jane surprised everyone with a replica of Elise McKenna’s dress in the movie designed and made by her friend Cheryl Hufman who was the costume designer for Seymour’s TV show in the 1990s, “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” and designed her daughter Katie’s wedding dress.

Check-out the special reveal here!

My Somewhere in Time Surprise. I hope you love it!

Posted by Jane Seymour on Friday, October 16, 2015

On Friday guests were treated to getting up-close and personal with Jane during a Q & A session in the Theatre. Jane told great stories about the making of Somewhere in Time, including how she almost lost the part to Bo Derek! As well as having to shoot some of the romantic scenes without Christopher Reeve there. A “poor unfortunate gentlemen” (she says, as the crowd giggles with her) had to stand in so she had a person to connect with when speaking her lines.



During the evening Grand Hotel Executive Vice President and Managing Director Ken Hayward presented Jane with a plaque commemorating her appearance at the 25th Anniversary Somewhere in Time weekend. The number 25 confused many since the movie debuted 35 years ago.  There were 10 years between the release of the movie and the first Somewhere in Time weekend at Grand Hotel.


We cannot thank Jane Seymour enough for joining us for the 25th annual weekend and being so gracious to our staff and guests. We hope she returns again soon.

Jane with members of the Grand Hotel staff

#TBT 1980 Grand Hotel News from Mackinac Island

Somewhere in Time

This year marks the 35th Anniversary of the movie Somewhere in Time and the 25th Annual Somewhere in Time Weekend at Grand Hotel. We are looking forward to a great weekend with special guest and actress Jane Seymour!

Below is a 1980 Grand Hotel Newsletter highlighting the filming that took place in 1979. The movie is an adaptation of the book by Richard Matheson, “Bid Time Return.” The film, titled “Somewhere In Time,” is a romantic fantasy starring Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour, Christopher Plummer, Theresa Wright and a countless number of Mackinac Island workers and residents. Christopher Reeve stars as Richard Collier, a successful young playwright who during a visit to Grand Hotel, falls in love with the portrait of a beautiful young woman, played by Jane Seymour. Collier, obsessed with this woman, learns she was at the hotel in 1912 and travels back in time to have a love affair with her.

Nearly 100 hundred cast and crew members arrived on the Island May 26 and began setting up headquarters at the Inn on Mackinac. Accompanying cast and crew were five huge tractor trailers containing the equipment, props, and power source needed for filming.  Approximately 50% of the movie was filmed inside Grand Hotel or on the hotel’s extensive grounds. Sites used include the Dining Room, Pontiac Room, and of course the famous Front Porch.

Now lets take a step back in time……. (click on images for larger view)

Grand News from Mackinac – Spring 1980 Newsletter – “Lights! Camera! Action!”

Grand News Newpaper Image
Grand News Newpaper Imag
Grand News Newpaper Imag
Somewhere in Time
rehearse in the Grand Hotel Tea Garden
Christoper Reeve and Christopher Plummer rehearse in the Grand Hotel Tea Garden.

car picture in newspaper
On an island without cars it required Grand Hotel and Universal Studios to work with the City of Mackinac Island and local officials on permits to bring a car to the island. A similar process is in place today.
Somewhere in Time Music Box
R.D. Musser, Jr , Chairman of Grand Hotel presents a music box to the producer of the film. These keepsake music boxes are still available for purchase and play the music from the movie.
We look forward to this special  35th Anniversary Celebration this weekend with Jane Seymour!