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Smoke Free Michigan

As of May 1, 2010, Michigan will be a Smoke Free State, in public gathering places.  Grand Hotel bacame smoke free in all areas within the hotel 2 years ago and the Gate House opened as totally smoke free on April 23rd.  

Under the new law, smoking is prohibited in public places and food service establishments.  Smoking will no longer be allowed on the Grand Hotel Front Porch or on the hotel proper.  Guests and visitors will be asked to smoke across the street where there will be a designated smoking area. 

Michigan is working to keep its residents and visitors healthy and Grand Hotel supports our state in their efforts.


2 thoughts on “Smoke Free Michigan

  1. Lisa Head says:

    so no more ashtrays with the logo stamped in the sand? i always thought that looked cool until a “butt” messed it up!

    1. grandhblog says:

      Well, the ashtrays are still here, but now they should remain butt free.

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