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Detroit Institute of Arts Inside/Out Mackinac Island Exhibit

DIA Inside/Out Mackinac Island Map

DIA Inside/Out Mackinac Island Map

This summer the Detroit Institute Of Arts has brought their Inside/Out exhibit to Mackinac Island.  Inside/Out is a program that brings classic pieces of art to the out of doors.  There are 9 reproductions from artists including Degas, Monet,  and Van Gogh, that have been placed in various spots around the island. Some of these locations right near Grand Hotel.

In prior years the program had been set up in communities in and around the Detroit area.  We are more than pleased that the DIA has decided to bring the exhibit to Mackinac Island to share with our community and its many visitors until June 30th.

Maps can be found on the individual pieces of art, leading you to find the additional pieces throughout the island.  They may also be obtained here at the hotel or you can print your own by clicking on this link  Inside/Out Mackinac Map.

DIA Inside/Out Mackinac Island

Gladioli Claude Monet - Location 5

We hope you have time to check out some or all of the pieces on your next visit to Mackinac.  We would love to hear what you think of this exhibit and welcome you to leave your comments here or on our Facebook page.  You can also find more photos of the art pieces on our Pinterest page.

See you on Mackinac!