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Celebrate Your Marriage Spring Retreats

Jay and Laura Laffoon have been helping couples understand each other through love and laughter since 1995.   They share their honest, hilarious,  insight into how male and female attitudes can be so different regarding the simplest every day events.

Celebrate Your Marriage retreats guide you to better understanding our differences through love and laughter.  Married couples as well as couples contemplating marriage will leave with a better understanding of each other and what it means to nourish their relationship.

Each overnight event includes sessions with Jay and Laura and their special guests, accommodations, dinner, and full breakfast.

This spring Jay and Laura, along with special guest Gary Smalley, would love for you to join them at Grand Hotel May 20 or 21, 2012, for their spring overnight retreats.  You will find registration information at

Join us this May for some fun conversations and learn to Celebrate Your Marriage!